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Aquarium Heater 55 Gallon Tank

This 55 Gallon Tank Heater is a first rate surrogate for folks digging for an auto-entrepreneural thermostat to add to their aquarium, featuring a build quality that is unmatched, this Tank Heater gives you the power to degrees fahrenheit. With an included 100-watt bulb, you can easily light up your tank.

Aquarium Heater For 55 Gallon Tank

This aquarium Heater is excellent for an 55 Gallon tank! It is straightforward to operate and adjustable to your specific water temperature, the aqueon pro aquarium Heater can handle any level of water quality and is an excellent way for businesses or home systems. This is a brand new 55 Gallon aquarium Heater with an adjustability to work with any level of weather, it comes with an aqueon pro aqu-150 w electronic water temperature control system. With this aquarium heater, you can choose to go with the temperature range of 30-30-0 degrees celsius or 44-44-5 degrees fahrenheit, it also comes with a lullaby music system to keep you relax. This aquarium Heater is sterling for larger aquariums! It provides two suction cups that make it uncomplicated to hold and adjust the temperature, the adjustable temperature can be set to find just the right level of temperature for your fish while the 2"l drain tube ensures that you can clean it easily. The water quality is guaranteed with this Heater - no more struggling to find water with the right temperature or adept level of water health! The aquarium Heater 55 Gallon Tank is an excellent surrogate for shoppers digging for an adjustable aquarium Tank heater, this Tank can deliver up to 55 gallons of power to your fishy friends. The aquarium Heater 55 Gallon Tank is fabricated of sturdy materials and extends a straightforward to handle controls, this Tank can keep your fishy friends going and wanting good for a long time.