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Fin Betta Aquarium Heater

The Fin Betta aquarium Heater is unequaled for up to 5 gallons of water, and can heat up to 10 watts, it extends a slim design withavanaughed-out heat evictor for straightforward cleaning. The Heater can be attached to a backbone or and can be edited to change the temperature to a set temperature, there are two lighted indicators for facile management.

Fin® Betta Aquarium Heater

This is a new sealed top Fin Betta fish tank Heater 20 watt aquariums up to 2, 5 gallons. Perfect for a new or small fish tank, top Fin Betta tank Heater 20 watt aquariums up to 5 gallons heaters is an excellent way to keep your fish in a warm and healthy environment, with this model, you can use it as your fish enjoys a warm bath or spa treatment. This top Fin Betta tank Heater is dandy for up to 5 gallons and can heat up to 10 watts, it imparts a slim design that makes it effortless to store and weighs only half of a pound, making it peerless for small tanks. The 4191 an is an exceptional temperature for large tanks, reaching up to 5 degrees farenheit, this is an excellent new aquarium Heater from top Fin that is 60 watt hour only. It provides a small, thin metal case that is just right for your Fin Betta and makes it effortless to control, the design means that this Heater doesn't require a break in time and can be used regular or break out the case if need be. The 180 degree power supply allows for plenty of power to go to the Fin betta's teeming sea life, plus, the small, quick-start guide makes it basic to get going. The Fin Betta tank Heater is an unrivaled add-on for an aquarium that can heat up to 2, this product is moreover compatible with other aquarium products, such as the Fin Betta tank faucet. With this heater, you can heat up your tank to it's boiling point, and then drink from it.