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Marineland Aquarium Heater

The Marineland aquarium Heater is a first-class surrogate for people who grove on the natural beauty of a submersible aquarium, this model presents an 75 watt rating and is express-fire technology which makes it basic to operate. It can be controlled with a controller or by your hand, making it great for first timers, the Marineland aquarium Heater is additionally non-toxic and presents a safe working temperature.

Aquarium Heater 100 Watts R02984 (up to 30 gallons) Submersible

Visi Therm Automatic Aquarium Heater

The therm automatic aquarium Heater is top-of-the-line for automatic aquarium heating, this aquarium Heater comes with 2 zone temperature control, and is 20 gallon in size. It renders a self-adjusting temperature control, and is compatible with marineland's dual temperature probe system, the Marineland visi-therm submersible Heater for freshwater or marine aquariums is practical for heating your water environment. With excellent visibility, the Marineland visi-therm is top-quality for quickly heating your water for marine or freshwater aquariums, with effortless settings for either type of aquarium, the Marineland visi-therm is best-in-the-class for a shopper who wants to enjoy their water environment in a substitute that is both visible and efficient. This Marineland aquarium Heater is outstanding for saltwater or fresh water aquariums! It is precision-made with a hard-shell casing and black anodized finish, the unit imparts two power ports, meaning that you can easily get to your pond or tank without having to go out to the outside. The Marineland aqua-tech digital reading light system is again very user-friendly, meaning that you can keep track of the water temperature easily, the Heater also provides a durable build that will last for years. This Marineland aquarium Heater is an 100 watt model that can do the job of a modern day hot water Heater without the use of a gas line or this aquarium Heater is produced to heat water to a working temperature from 122 degrees to med, it presents a thermostat that can be used to control the power level, making it an exceptional way for saltwater or fresh water aquariums.